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Network connectivity
Network connectivity
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One of the most common issues seen by Setanta Sports users is that of weak and interrupted internet connectivity within their home WiFi Networks.

If you see constant buffering or loading circles or frequent changes in the quality of your streams, try troubleshooting steps.

Restart your browser, device, and home WiFi Network

  • Close the browser that had open / the Setanta Sports app

  • Shut down your device

  • Unplug your WiFi router/modem from power for 1-2 minutes

  • Plug your WiFi router/modem back into the power

  • Restart the device, open the SetantaSports app in the browser

Improve your WiFi Signal

  • Move to a more central location / closer to your device

  • Move the WiFi router away from other wireless devices (microwaves) to avoid interference

  • Move the router off the floor

Connect your computer directly to the modem

  • Close the browser that had open

  • Shut down your computer

  • Unplug your modem from power for 1-2 minutes

  • Plug your modem back into the power

  • Turn the computer on, plug the computer into the modem via an Ethernet cable

  • Open Setanta Sports in a browser

If none of the above works and you continue to experience the same issues, please consider contacting your Internet Service Provider.

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