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Log in through Social Network
Log in through Social Network
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From your Apple or Google accounts, you can effortlessly Sign in to your Setanta Sports account or Sign Up and create a new one.

This feature is available both in your browser and mobile application.

If you've already registered your Setanta Sports account using the same email associated with your Google and Apple accounts, you can easily sign in through social networks.

If you haven't registered yet, simply use the social sign-in option and a new account will be automatically created for you.

Here are a few steps you need to follow:

Apple Account:

  • Click Sign In

  • Click the Apple button and Continue

  • Enter Your Apple ID and Password

  • Accept to use your Apple ID for your Setanta Sports account and click Continue

  • Choose to share my email and click continue

  • Agree to the Terms of Use and click Submit

Google Account:

  • Click Sign In

  • Click the Google button

  • Choose an already saved Google account or add a new one

  • Agree to the Terms of Use and click Confirm

That's all, now you have a Setanta Sports account. For access to the content, license activation is required.

Please be aware that a default phone number will be added to your Setanta Sports account. You can customize this by visiting your Account Details from the browser and adding your phone number.

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